Flat coated retriever (flat-haired retriever)

Host Country of Breed     Great Britain

Class                VIII. Retrievers –  retriever dog  - water hunting dog

Group:             Retrievers
Classifying Organization        FCI

Valid standard            Hungarian
Issuing year                1999

Origin and History

The development of the breed can be dated to the 1800's. The flat-coated retriever was probably developed from the Labrador Retriever, the Collie and form specific spaniel breeds. Earlier, it was recognized as a variation of the curly-haired Retriever, and its flat hair was believed to be a result of its consolidating with the Collie’s bloodline. Previous to the World War I, it was perhaps Britain’s best known hunting dog, but in the post-war period it was pushed in the background by the Golden and the Labrador Retrievers, the popularity of which breeds has become steady by now, yet not to the prejudice of the flat-coated retriever. The flat-coated retriever has enjoyed great popularity again, since the Cruftson won the coveted "Best Dog Exhibition" title in 1980 . It is a born retriever, it is used to collect the hunted game (especially large birds). It is tough, easy to train. Great family pet, gets along with children very well.