My old dream had come true when my husband and I decided to buy our first Retriever, it was Golden.  After consulting with the breeders, extremely excitedly, the same day we left for the puppies.  When we got there we had the opportunity to choose from more puppies. We were sitting among them and just wondering at them. Of course, all puppies were very happy with us, but there was only one which sat down in front of me and stared deeply into my eyes. We were sitting this way, opposite each other for a few minutes, then he ran away, but after a few seconds returned to my feet again and was just looking at me, then I was sure that he had chosen me. After that it was impossible to choose a puppy other than him, so a new member was added to our family, Shiva, the Golden Retriever. Since then many years have passed and he has completely changed our life. We have attended dog training classes with Shiva since he was three months’ old, where, after learning the basics, we started a retriever-specific training. We were so impressed by the work with the retrievers that this training type has become our passion, largely owing to our excellent trainer.


At an international exhibition, a breed hardly known in Hungary aroused our interest, the Flat-Coated Retriever. This breed charmed us immediately with its vivid temper and eagerness. Then we knew that one day we would have a dog of this breed!


As Shiva grew up, we thought it was time to realise our greatest dream and establish our own kennel. That was beyond question what breed we wanted to deal with, it was of course, the Flat-Coated Retriever.